Small sanctuaries on the Acropolis slopes

Along the gallery’s right side are finds from the smaller sanctuaries established on the Rock by the Athenians in caves and on natural plateaus.

On the southern slope, they worshipped the Nymphs, Pan, Aphrodite, Hermes, and Isis, while on the southwest, Aphrodite Pandemos and Blaute, along with Earth Kourotrophos and Demeter Chloe.

Three caves on the northwest slope hosted the worship of Zeus Olympios, Apollo Hypoakraios “hyp’ Akrais” or “hypo Makrais” (Beneath the Edge of the Rock) and Pan. On the north side was the open-air sanctuary of Aphrodite Ourania; while on the east, another cave was dedicated to Aglauros, daughter of the mythical Athenian king Kekrops.



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