07 November 2021 -29 October 2023

Strange creatures in the Acropolis Museum

What is truly the Hippalektryon? A rooster or a horse? A real mystery! And what about Centaur, Typhon, Triton and so many others? Visit the Museum with your children to discover them together. Creatures of the earth, the sea and the air, creations of the imagination of ancient people that invite us in a game of exploration, observation and knowledge. Children will be given materials to take home and create their own strange creatures. If they choose to do so, they can photograph their artworks and upload them on acropolismuseum kids!

Ages For families with children up to 12 years old
Days & hours Every Sunday, 11:00 a.m. (except for Sunday 16 April, Greek Orthodox Easter)
Language Greek
Duration 60 minutes
Cost Free. An admission ticket is required for adults and a free admission ticket for children. Read more about ticket prices.

It is recommended to make your registration before ticket issuance.

Group bookings (more than 10 persons) are not allowed.

Limited to 30 visitors. First-in first-served.

Presentations are carried out with the use of whisper guide system headsets provided at the Information Desk after delivering temporarily an official identification document (Identity Card, Passport or Driver's License).

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