2010 - 2019

Conservation – Restoration of the Archaeological Excavation Site

In 2010, the systematic conservation of the Acropolis Museum’s archaeological excavation site began, along with restorations and infrastructural improvements for accommodating visitors. Works on the site’s architectural remains, which cover a lengthy span of time and represent a variety of structures (residences, baths, streets, sewers, floors, stairs, wells, cisterns, latrines, workshop remains), included stabilisation, cleaning and  supplementations, all intended to restore the ancient buildings’ structural strength and morphological continuity, as well as to protect the buildings’ materials against temperature changes, relative humidity, sunlight, atmospheric pollution, vibrations and vegetal intrusions. The conservation works’ methods, materials and technical means were selected on the basis of the possibility of future interventions and the infrastructural improvement of the monuments, while at the same time preserving the remains’ historical authenticity, in accordance with international standards.

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