12 December 2023 - 14 April 2024

‘Meanings’. Personifications and Allegories from Antiquity to Today


Time, Nature, Deities, Μan & Human Nature, Institutions, Allegories: six thematic units that are uniquely intertwined in the temporary exhibition of the Acropolis Museum ‘Meanings’. Personifications and Allegories from Antiquity to Today. Guided by the Museum's Archaeologists, visitors navigate among great works of art that personify concepts, depict allegories, highlight human passions and emotions, stimulate thought and soul and masterfully unravel the thread that connects Antiquity with Byzantium, Renaissance and our times.

English every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00

every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:00, every Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 and at 12:00

extra dates: Wednesday 3/4, Thursday 4/4, Saturday 6/4, Sunday 7/4, Wednesday 10/4, Thursday 11/4, Saturday 13/4, Sunday 14/4 at 18:00

Duration approximately 45 minutes
Cost Free of charge. An admission ticket for the temporary exhibition is necessary. Read more about ticket prices.
Registration SOLD OUT

Limited to 20 visitors.

Meeting point: Information Desk

The guided tours are carried out with the use of whisper guide system headsets provided at the Information Desk after delivering temporarily an official identification document (Identity Card, Passport or Driver's License).

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