Pericles, Son of Xanthippos

The Acropolis Museum presents its first temporary exhibition, entitled "Pericles, Son of Xanthippos". The Museum, unlike other museums in the country, offers exhibits that focus on leading historical figures in ancient Greek politics and art. The famous Parthenon sculptures in their third-floor gallery were clearly a product of Perikles' political program and the artistic prowess of Pheidias. To acquaint visitors with the sculptures’ deeper significance, the Museum has organized a special thematic exhibition with a select collection of important archaeological, epigraphic, numismatic and historical evidence that illuminates the politics of the great statesman Perikles and aids viewers in interpreting Pheidias' artistic works.

The exhibition recounts the revolutionary changes that were made in order to implement the first democracy; the reformers’ deliberate targeting of domestic and foreign policy; and the controls exercised over the management of public funds allocated for the creation of the Parthenon and the cult statue of Athena. Altogether, the exhibition aims to ensure that visitors to the third-floor Parthenon Gallery arrive versed in the Parthenon sculptures’ rich historical background. The temporary exhibition is curated by Prof. Dimitris Pandermalis, in collaboration with archaeologist Themistoklis Vakoulis and architect Eleni Spartsis.




During Museum opening hours.


Temporary Exhibition Gallery, ground floor of the Acropolis Museum


Admission to the exhibition is free of charge.


Greek, English
The exhibition is accompanied by a scientific catalogue. Read more.

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