CHISEL AND MEMORY. The contribution of marble craftsmanship to the restoration of the Acropolis monuments

Since opening its doors ten years ago, the Acropolis Museum has highlighted the close relationship between the famous sculptures it displays and the monuments from which they originate. It is with great pleasure that the Museum is hosting an exceptional exhibition of photographs of the marble craftsmen of the Acropolis at work. Imbued with a new curatorial spirit, the exhibition was initially organised by the Committee for the Conservation of the Acropolis Monuments and the Acropolis Restoration Service.

Over forty years of photographs and documentation from the restoration works are grouped around six themes: self-denial, labour, cooperation, zeal, pride and companionship, presenting the human element and the emotions that the workers experience in restoring the monuments. Marble craftsmen dominate the worksite, like forms in flight balancing on towering scaffolds, maneuvering the huge blocks of marble and conservation materials into and out of position. Equally impressive are the images that capture the craftsmen's techniques embodying centuries-old expertise and others showing their use of the state of the art technologies.

The exhibition is dedicated to the former President of the Committee for the Restoration of the Acropolis Monuments (1975-2016), the late Charalambos Bouras.





The exhibition takes place in the ground floor Temporary Exhibition Gallery


Entrance is free.


Greek, English

The exhibition catalogue is available in Greek and English. Read more.


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