24 June 2022 - 21 April 2023

A Festival for goddess Athena. The procession and the games of Great Panathenaia


Two ceramic vessels, which arrived in the Acropolis Museum from Toronto, Canada, become the reason to take a fresh look at the biggest and most important festival of ancient Athens. The vessels are unique and are closely related to the Parthenon’s frieze. What is the connection and which secrets are hidden in both their decorative scenes? Clay and marble reveal known and unknown aspects of the Great Panathenaia, which you can discover together with the Museum’s archaeologists in the Parthenon Gallery.

Greek every Friday, 8 pm
English every Friday, 6 pm
Duration 45 mins
Cost Free. An admission ticket is required for adults and a free admission ticket for children. Read more about ticket prices.
Registration Register online at events.theacropolismuseum.gr or refer to the Information Desk on the day of the tour.

It is recommended to make your registration before ticket issuance.

Group bookings (more than 10 persons) are not allowed.

Limited to 30 visitors. First-in first-served.

Presentations are carried out with the use of whisper guide system headsets provided at the Information Desk after delivering temporarily an official identification document (Identity Card, Passport or Driver's License).

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