27 June 2012 - 09 September 2012

Stories about light

The Acropolis Museum narrates to the visitors some of its own special archaeological stories about the light and invites visitors to discover them amongst the Museum’s collections. Stories that show the relationship between the ancients and natural light. Stories about the age-old myths with which humans endeavoured to interpret the perpetual succession of day and night. Stories about their faith in the power of sunlight to regulate human affairs. Stories about the transformation of this power into art. Stories about the light created by humans themselves: the light of oil lamps that banished the darkness inside a house, the torchlight that illuminated their way at night, the sacred light that burned in the temples of their gods, and the ritual light that accompanied them during all the significant events of their lives. The Acropolis Museum is happy that at the same time the “Technopolis” presents many exhibits on a complete story about the light from antiquity to nowadays. Read the brochure of the exhibition program stories about light at the Acropolis Museum


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