The story of a fabled hill

Has Acropolis always looked like it does today? Have there been older temples before Parthenon? The history of Acropolis is so old that it traces way back in time and so long that it still carries on today. The students will discover this unfolding story in the Museum’s Halls. They will discover exhibits that reflect the rock’s adventures and associate them with the events that brought about the great changes in the form of the most important sanctuary of the city.

The program is created and carried out by the Department of Educational Programs of the Acropolis Museum.

  Useful information
School grades 4th - 6th grades Elementary/Primary school

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

09:30 & 11:00

Duration 90 minutes
Number of participants Limited to 50 students
Reservations Foreign schools and Greek schools located abroad can make a reservation by sending an email at least one month prior to the planned visit, to [email protected]. The programs can be offered either in Greek or English.

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