House ΣΤ

In the late 4th-early 5th cent. AD, House ΣΤ is built over the ruins of an older one. It is the largest house on the city block which also holds Houses H and Γ, although it lacks the scale and luxuriousness of the contemporary villas established on the site’s higher northern side. It functions until the beginning of the 6th cent., when Building E is erected on top of it, disturbing its premises.

Access from the street is gained via a corridor that leads to a courtyard with a well. Preserved from the courtyard are a few fragments of its terracotta floor tiles and its stylobate – on which the columns supporting the roof of the porticos were erected.

Four stoas surround the courtyard, as well as twelve rooms. The large northern space is probably the triclinium, where the owner dines with his guests. We have no evidence concerning the specific functions of the other rooms. The latrine beside the entrance is flushed with water brought in from the courtyard through a terracotta pipeline, with its waste channeled into the sewer beneath the street.


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